Events Calendar
The calendar is an interactive database that allows an operator to select certain criteria to quickly customize the results into a calendar of events that are relevant for them.  We have tried to find every available training, workshopp, community college class, conference, and webinar being provided for small water supply operators and included it here.  The easiest way to see how the calendar page works is to watch the short video below.
We are really proud of the database we have developed here. The hard part for us will be to continue to monitor the hundreds of websites that list events for operators.  We are still learning, and we know there are a few events we have missed.  But our hope is, that as trainers and TA providers begin to understand how our site supports their programs, they will help us by letting us know of updates and events we might not have in our database yet.  Our goal for the calendar is to allow an operator to look at one calendar and see ALL of the available options for training or classes for that month.  We are here to make it easy for the operator to find the events of most interest to them.  Clicking on an event brings up a new window on your computer that lists all of the information about the event.  It is value added information, meaning we have done the legwork and compiled the necessary information so you don't have to spend time trying to determine how many CEU's a workshop is worth, or how much a conference costs.  It's all there for you. If you can't find something, let us know.  We will do our best to find what you are looking for.
Filter Criteria
There are several "filters" that allow you to make your search more specific.  Believe me this is necessary given that there are as many as 600 events in any one month. The filters are: category, type, state, and host.  Category has about 20 entries that represent topics such as arsenic, asset management, consumer information, distribution, monitoring, certification, and treatment, to name a few.  These are the same categories we used in identifying the documents. Type means event type, which are either training/workshop, seminar/meeting, conference/symposium, or banquet/outing. State is an obvious filter, and sponsor is the organization(s) that is/are sponsoring the event.
Video Example
Using software that captures what happens on your computer screen, we're creating a video of our staff using the calendar page. It will show you exactly what you need to do to use the filter capabilities.  You will need to make the video large enough on your screen to see what is happening, and slow connections might have issues.  Should you experience any problems viewing our videos, let us know, we will mail them to you on CD.